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Looking for a recognised health and safety qualification in the SA?

The number of people taking Sc Training & Consulting in   SA is growing at a huge rate each year. Rapid development and a demand for higher standards of employee safety and environmental management means that Sc Training & Consulting qualifications have become the number 1 choice of safety professionals in the SA.

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The importance of Sc Training  & Consulting courses
-Internationally recognised
-Cover health, safety and risk management needs across all industry sectors
-Will help you and your organisation improve safety standards
-Recognised by several accredited Institution

Sc Training And Consulting is an accredited course provider centre and successfully trains thousands of delegates each year to achieve their valued health, safety and environmental qualifications.
Find out which is the best Sc Training & Consulting course for you

If your company is based in  SA and you need your team to be professionally trained to improve or maintain high health and safety standards, look towards a Sc Training & Consulting qualification. Our team of Sc Training And Consulting trained advisers will be happy to help identify the most appropriate course based on career history and organisational aspirations.

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Our Courses

What will I learn by taking Health and Safety courses in South Africa?

Students can choose from the following Health and Safety courses in South Africa:

-Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) (Co-ordinator in the Workplace): Proficiency Course
-Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) (Representative in the Workplace): Proficiency Course
Basic Health and Hygiene
-General Safety / Safety Induction Training
-OHASA (Unit Standard 120344)
-Health and Safety Representative (SHE Rep)
-Accident / Incident Investigation
-Conduct Continuous based Risk Assessment
-HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment)
-Ladder Safety Training
-Stacking & Storage Regulations (Unit Standard 260837)
-Health and Safety for Junior Managers
-Environmental Safety
-Technical Safety

What jobs can I get with a Health and Safety certification in South Africa?

Health and Safety professionals with qualifications and certificates are needed in employers in every sector. Chartered practitioners have extensive experience working in the chemicals, oil, and gas, leisure, pharmaceuticals, utilities, governmental, aerospace, and transport industries.

After completing the Health and Safety course in South Africa, students can become the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Co-ordinator with a Workplace Proficiency Certificate.

Did you know that health and safety officers are the most sought-after employees in well-paying companies? These professionals are particularly resourceful in coming up with management policies and health regulations. The rising demand for health and safety officers has attracted several learners making the program locally competitive as a mainstream career. So, which South African institutions offer health and safety courses?

According to Payscale, the annual salary of a health and safety manager could be up to R451,648.


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