The main aim of these programs is to provide students with knowledge, specific skills, applied competence and the necessary attitudes in the field of occupational health and safety that prepare them to be lifelong students, employable, are self-employed workers and contributors to society and the business community. General Health and Safety is a course designed to ultimately enable the learner to explain basic health and safety principles in and around the workplace.

These courses are  intended for persons on all levels of management, health and safety practitioners, and engineers preparing for their Government Certificate of Competency, union members and employees who want to gain insight into the implementation of the Act as well as understand what their duties entail and what their rights are in terms of the Act.

What is a course with limited availability?
In addition to our published and online courses, there are several other courses that we can run with flexible options. Select the course of your choice and register your interest to attend when dates become available.


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In terms of the law, all Operators who apply for Re-certifications need to be in possession of a Novice course certificate. Please be aware that certificates need to be renewed within three months after date expiry.

Accredited Training believes that training should yield benefits, far more substantial than just “a Certificate”. We offer a free service that will remind all Companies or private Operators that their certificates need to be renewed.

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