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Skid steers are highly versatile units that are widely used in construction, mining, oil, and agriculture. Due to their power and wide range of functions, operators must be trained in safe and efficient practices. That’s why Leavitt Machinery offers a skid steer certification course for all levels of operators. This program provides aspiring operators with a solid foundation in safety standards, maintenance procedures, and best operating practices.

Our skid steer training consists of classroom-based learning, operational theory, written testing, and hands-on experience. Content is delivered through multimedia presentations, class discussions, and instructor demonstrations. This content is then reinforced through written testing and practical evaluation. To learn more about our skid steer certification course, contact our operator training team.


Your employee training program should include the following:
– Safety regulations and standards.
-Skid steer loader fundamentals.
-Hazard identification.
-Preventative maintenance and procedures.
-Pre-operational inspections.
-Job site safety analysis.
-Basic operating procedures.
-Proper start-up and shutdown procedures.
-Steering, maneuvering, and control.
-Safe load handling.
-Installation and removal of attachments.

Materials Provided:
A workbook and supplementary handouts are provided as reference material for the written test. 
A theoretical Examination and Practical Test will follow each Module. To ensure understanding you must maintain a 75% Pass mark for each module. 
Participants are able to repeat the course twice if the pass mark is not achieved. Supplemental materials necessary to complete this course can be accessed online.
 This Skid Steer Loader Novice/Reset training is an in-class program that can be completed in 1 Day. Upon completion, operators are awarded a Skid Steer Loader Novice/Reset Certification.
What is a course with limited availability?
In addition to our published and online courses, there are several other courses that we can run with flexible options. Select the course of your choice and register your interest to attend when dates become available.


In terms of the law, all Operators who apply for Re-certifications need to be in possession of a Novice course certificate. Please be aware that certificates need to be renewed within three months after date expiry.

Accredited Training believes that training should yield benefits, far more substantial than just “a Certificate”. We offer a free service that will remind all Companies or private Operators that their certificates need to be renewed.

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