National Certificate: Occupational Health, Safety and Environment

SC TRAINING AND CONSULTING National Certificate: Occupational Health, Safety and Environment

This Qualification is to equip learners working in any type of workplace with a broad understanding and knowledge of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) concepts and practices with sufficient detail to enable them to function in a safe and healthy way and to deal with health and safety problems and issues.


Qualification Title: National Certificate: Occupational Health, Safety and Environment
SAQA Qualification ID: 74290
Minimum Credits: 123
NQF Level: 2


This  Training Course includes the following:

-Cluster 1 – Communication Skills ( 20 credits)
Cluster 2 – Mathematical Processes ( 16 credits)
Cluster 3 – Health and Safety Hazards ( 14 credits)
Cluster 4 – Health and Safety Management ( 15 credits)
Cluster 5 – Health and Safety Monitoring and Evaluation ( 12 credits)
Cluster 6 – Primary Health Care ( 14 credits)
Cluster 7 – Workplace Safety Management ( 21 credits)
Cluster 8 – Using Computer Application to Manage Workplace Safety ( 11 credits)

Delegates should be able to do the following after finishing the course .

-Use verbal and written practices to communicate in the workplace and apply mathematical processes to solve everyday numerical problems
-Explain the requirements of current legislation impacting on Health, Safety and environmental issues in the workplace
-Recognise, assess and report health and safety hazards and situations in the workplace
Administer various health and safety functions, planning, policy and behaviours in the workplace

Materials Provided:
A workbook and supplementary handouts are provided as reference material for the written test. 
A theoretical Examination and Practical Test will follow each Module. To ensure understanding you must maintain a 75% Pass mark for each module. 
Participants are able to repeat the course twice if the pass mark is not achieved. Supplemental materials necessary to complete this course can be accessed online.
 This National Certificate: Occupational Health, Safety and Environment training is an in-class program that can be completed in 12 Months. Upon completion, operators are awarded a National Certificate: Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Certification.
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In terms of the law, all Operators who apply for Re-certifications need to be in possession of a Novice course certificate. Please be aware that certificates need to be renewed within three months after date expiry.

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